Lightroom: How to Copy Settings Between Photos

by Jon on January 13, 2011

When you’re working in Lightroom processing photos, it’s easy to spend lots of time tweaking settings to get your photo looking just right. Naturally you don’t want to have to repeat this process for every photo – especially when photos from the same shoot have similar lighting and coloration. Here’s how you copy settings from one photo to another, or to many others.

In Develop mode, click the ‘Copy’ button to the bottom left of the image. This brings up a dialog where you can choose which settings to copy.

The Adobe Lightroom copy palette appears with cmd-C

You can usually just hit ‘copy’ unless you want to get clever. Then select another image from the filmstrip, and click the ‘Paste’ button. It’s that simple. Here are some related tips:

  • If you just want to copy the settings without that interim dialog, hold down Option (Alt for PC) when you click Copy.
  • ⌘C, your usual copy key command, works here too (although you can’t bypass the dialog).
  • To paste your settings to multiple photos, head over to Library mode, select the photos you want to change, and choose Photo > Develop Settings > Paste Settings (⇧⌘V).

Easy stuff! See also: Lightroom: How to Copy Settings to Multiple Photos.

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